Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 13 Global Revolution Occupy Wall Street

The Longest (so far) Lasting Demonstration in the History of the USA

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Thebes said...

While I TOTALLY support #occupywallstreet etc, it is NOT the longest lasting demonstration in American history.

That would be the BONUS ARMY which was crushed and burned out by Patton, Eisenhower and MacArthur in the spring and summer of 1932. This was largely a group of WWI veterans demonstrating to receive a promised Bonus for their service in WWI, they needed money due to the (first) Great Depression, and were willing to accept a reduced bonus if it were received early. They were farmers and home owners who were set to loose their life savings due to the collapse of Wall Street. After months of demonstrating, the army attacked them beating them with the side of cavalry sabres, then burned out their shanty town on the mud flats near Washington DC. Many died, and the rest left. Disenchantment with the US Army's actions led to the creation of Veteran's Day.