Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bush's Tragic Legacy: How 9/11 Triggered America's Decline


Anonymous said...

Who did it? Read a real Banned 9/11 book, here:

Gary Don Oliver said...

What the USA Federal Government, as well as most citizens do not understand, is that a revolution like the one against the Brits (1776) is not necessary. There are already 50 operating (well operating in most cases) countries making up the USA. All they need to do is remove themselves from the Federal Government. One at a time, or all at once is not relevant. Take CA for instance. If CA removed itself from the Federal Gov, and collected all the Fed taxes that their citizens now pay to the Federal Government, they would go from a nightmare economy to a utopian society over night. All it takes is a few strokes of a few pens. The Fed Gov is in no position to send troops to CA like the North did to the Southern States circa 1860. A stroke of a few pens and it is a done deal. WAKE UP. It really is that simple.

The US Government has made the lives of US citizens a million times more miserable than any terrorist could even dream of. Everybody in the world knows what’s going down in the USA, but nobody has any power to stop the rogue USA Government. In the EU and neighboring countries, the people have more power over their government. The US debt ceiling is irrelevant. It was too late when Ronald Reagan left office with his massive debt. Since Reagan, the USA Federal Government has been a member of the, "living dead." There are no words in the English language to describe this level of sadness.

“In 2011 Dennis Blair, previous director of national intelligence, mentioned that 17 Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by terrorists in the 10 years since 9/11 — 14 of them in the Ft. Hood massacre. Meanwhile, auto accidents, murders and rapes combined have killed an estimated 1.5 million people in the past decade. “What is it that justifies this amount of money on this narrow problem?” WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES OF THE 1.5 MILLION?

The only thing Bush proved by invading Iraq was that Sadam was a great leader. Just look at the place then, and compare it to now. Bush and his cronies will go the warmonger way of Hitler and his henchmen. Think of how great the USA and the world would be today if the US never had a military of any kind. All that money could have been used to build a Utopian society. Is the USA run by a secret satanic society? The level of stupidity of the USA leaders over the last nearly 100 years is so incomprehensible, I cannot think of any other explanation for the blatant and widespread insanity. Where does the USA go in the next 20 to 50 years? There is only one course, and it has been played out a thousand times in recorded history. The 50 states will divide up to become separate countries, or groups of states will join together where it is in their benefit. The USA Federal Government with their warmongering ways, and all of their debt, will go the way of the Romans and their debt. I hope the people around the world can understand that the citizens of the USA are in no way connected to the people who control the country, and do not like or approve of the USA leadership any more than any of the other USA’s victims on the planet.

apeman2502 said...

Right! We all secede from the U.S. and let the traitors use nukes and scalar weapons to put us all in line.

apeman2502 said...
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apeman2502 said...
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apeman2502 said...

Haven't you guys ever been knocked down by a bad guy and gotten back up and opened up a six-pack of whupass on them? You are missing all the fun!