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For non-pilots, these controllers are in Nevada and are each flying a drone thousands of miles away in the combat zone in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their left hand is on the throttle, controlling the drone's engine. Note all the buttons which perform various tasks without removing the hand from the throttle. The right hand is flying the plane.

Kill a Taliban leader, then go home for dinner! Welcome to the new world order. This is modern warfare. Today's headline: "Missiles fired from Nevada-controlled drone aircraft kill Taliban leader."

Watch how it's done! Turn the speakers on & watch in full-screen mode if you can.

War and Inflation: Financing the Empire - Thomas J. DiLorenzo - Mises Media(MPEG-4 Video)

War and Inflation: Financing the Empire - Thomas J. DiLorenzo - Mises Media(MPEG-4 Video)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Honest Joe Cam

The Honest Joe Cam

by Joseph Assad Surferjoe on Tuesday, 11 May 2010 at 00:39

The Honest Joe Cam

In order to have a truly honest and thus safer world, I believe that we should all have from birth have a micro video camera hooked somewhere on our body (preferrably head or upper torso) where it can record/register everything we do 24/7 and store it in one huge central database and a copy to your pc or laptop or cell phone. There would be no worry of anyone accessing your files without due cause (like a court case) because even those monitoring the databanks files will have video cameras on them recording their every move. We would have 100% Honesty. Once every person on the planet would have a video camera monitoring his every waking and sleeping move, It would make everyone not only more honest, but make them strive to do better.

It would free the courts of months and years deliberating cases to see who did what to whom and who is lying and who is telling the truth. Nobody innocent would ever be sent to jail or to death for a crime he did not commit because his video would clear him or her of any wrongdoing. Nobody could frame anybody anymore because in a matter of minutes of reviewing their videos it would be clear to any one judging who did what to whom. Just think all we would have had to do in the OJ Simpson case instead of wasting 5 months of precious air time for other more important issues to focus on, was to rewind the film we have available on OJ for that day and it would immediately clear him or prove his guilt. Without a shadow of a doubt. Am I making sense? Not just that, if the suspects in any case were missing, all we had to do was replay the victims tape to see who killed them.

Even if OJ Simpson hired someone to kill Nicole and he was not at the scene of the crime all we had to do was rewind back a few days or weeks or months and see if he ever talked to them. The investigation would be over in a matter of hours. On the other hand the camera should have prevented OJ if he really did kill his wife and her friend from killing her in the first place because he would know that he was being recorded thus he would have not done it knowing his recording would hang him in court.

Asides from the video cam being a tool for keeping people more honest, it would be a great tool for remembering what you said at a cocktail party 3 weeks ago or what that awsome website someone told you about just last week and you cant jog your memory for the life of you. All you had to do was rewind your video to the date and time in question and replay. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Forgetting and not remembering will be a thing of the past.

Even for short term memory loss, say you cant find your keys or the remote control for the TV and you have been searching your house upside down for 30 mins looking for them...they're not lost they're just misplaced, you wouldnt have to look anymore and waste precious 30 mins, all you have to do is rewind your film on your laptop or cell phone to the minute you got out of the car and into your house and where you left them.

A wife would never have to ask her husband where he was or what the hell was he doing out till 7:30 am, all she'd have to do is ask him to show her the tape. But then again he wouldnt have done anything funny because she would know the minute he got home. Could there be a more honorable system? The camera makes people honest because they would know that they cant lie. Lying would also be a thing of the past.

We would all become better human beings. It would cut down on crime and probably eliminate it altogether. The world will be a safer place to live. We could eradicate crime and motivate excellence because just as every wrong move you do is recorded so will the good deeds. We could as a community give rewards to people who do good.

I saw a video on Youtube a while back where it shows you how to connect a video camera to your sunglasses as a spy cam and was fascinated by the idea and want to take it a step further. I am totally against the big brother if big brother is going to use your information to dictate to you but if big brother himself had a video cam hooked on himself and he would he exposed in a minute if he abused his privelages as an official elected to protect the public. In fact it would eradicate graft and corruption almost completely and we would no longer have to fear big brother because he is there to make us accountable to ourselves first and to the whole world next and he is accountable himself to us Joe Q Public.

If one was honest, one could go his entire life without anyone ever auditing his video files but himself if he so wishes, but if he or she find themselves in any situation that needs verification from a fender bender on the freeway to a crime like OJ to someone like Ken Lay of Enron and Lheman brothers, all we do is review the videos of what they did and who they did it with and their goose would be cooked in a few days. But then again, once we have the whole world wearing these cams on their bodies these CEO's who thought they could get away with it in the 20th century would not have even dreamt of it because they knew they couldnt get away with it in the 21st century. Am i making sense?

I am hoping this idea would gain momentum and although it would be a dream of mine to have it implemented in my lifetime and your lifetime, but a century is but a mere 100 years and if it doesn't happen till the 22nd century, we can at least be comforted in the thought that maybe our children and grandchildren will live in a better world with the Honest Joe Cam.

The Honest What Cam?

Since I came up with this idea i'd like to call it the Honest Joe Cam if you don't mind. On second thought since its just an idea, you can call it anything you like but please think about it. We could end all the graft and corruption and the wars and the killings and settle the biggest cases to the smallest accidents or marital disputes today if we had the cam fitted on every person at birth on the planet. That may be too grandiose a plan so lets start with us and our country. Maybe we can be the role model for the rest of the world. Think about it. Discuss it with your spouse. Discuss it with your friends. It might sound farfetched but everything is possible these days with our modern technology and nothing could be simpler to keep tabs on yourself and in turn you know you are keeping tabs on everyone else who affect your life. Just think how much happier the world would be when all the stress of doubting others would be removed because everyone would know their actions were being recorded and stored and would be answerable to question.

What we have to do in the meantime is spread the word that the Honest Joe Cam can work and save us from ourselves but more than that,much more than spreading the idea that could be the answer to all that ails us, until the Honest Joe Cam is a reality we have to live our lives as if there was an imaginary Honest Joe Cam hooked up to our head and be honest to ourselves first and live as clean and principled lives as humanly possible and teach our children by example. The old paradigm that our grandparents and their grandparents had for millennia and taught their children to put one over the other fellow and outsmart him in a win lose situation will also be a thing of the past. Win Win will be the norm where you win he wins she wins they win and we all win. Honesty Is The Best Policy and The Honest Joe Cam Will Make Honesty A Reality.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin ~ Life & Living


Source Unknown"Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have."-Source Unknown
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Locked Up Abroad | National Geographic Channel

Locked Up Abroad tells the true stories of unsuspecting travelers embarked on what they thought would be fun-filled vacations, only to barely make it home alive.

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Facebooking Survey

How Often Do You Facebook?

Just Out Of Curiosity How Often Do You Facebook?
A) Once A Month
B) Twice A Month
C) Three Times A Month
D) Once A Week
E) Twice A Week
F) Three Times A Week
G) Every Day
H) Twice A Day
I) Three Times A Day
J) All Day All Night MaryAnne