Friday, June 17, 2011

The Opium War

The Opium War 

This is an epic film and rarely seen anywhere.  Historical Drama starting in 1839 in Guangzhou where British merchants dealing with opium are to be executed because the opium is destroying the Empire. After the burning of 20,000 boxes of opium by the Chinese England declares war, because the burned opium was the property of the British commercial attache who had bought it from the British merchants. The events lead up to the infamous Treaty of Nanjing that gave control of Hong Kong to the British.
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apeman2502 said...

And to this very day, the descendants of Yale's Russell Trust are importing, processing, and profitting from the opium trade. See it all on GERALDO, as he interviews U.S. troops in Afghanistan loading bales of raw opium, with the ranking officer explaining to the cameras that this is being done to avoid alienating Afghani opium farmers.

Geraldo neglects to mention that by September, 2001, the Taliban (according to the U.N. and WHO), had almost completely irradicated opium. Bush's White House had this export increased by over 1000% by the time he left office.

William said...

'When in doubt, it is always worthwhile to take a look at a map: where are raw materials resources, and the routes to them? Then lay a map of civil wars and conflicts on top of that - they coincide. The same is the case with the third map: nodal points of the drug trade. Where this all comes together, the American intelligence services are not far away." German Cabinet Minister Andreas von Bulow