Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How the West Went Bust (Episode 1 - BBC)


Freedom Warrior said...

I knew this would happen in the 80's. why did not anyone else? 40 million manufacturing jobs lost in the usa alone since the late 70's. I guess the political class are really a bunch of dumb sh*its.

Anonymous said...

deregulation of the financial markets is all part of the zionist financial terrorism grand plan to bankrupt the world and bring about a bankster controlled one world government NWO of our future enslavement in a world of martial law

zionism is a satanic cancer upon humanity

Anonymous said...

@Freedom Warrior

If by "political class" you mean "overclass" and if by "overclass" you mean "JEWS": The Jews are now sitting on $trillions of cash, and their most hated Enemy (Whites) have been reduced to a race of paupers.
How are they "dumb sh*its"?